15 types of Online Businesses to start

15 Types of Online Businesses to start

Today we are going to discuss 15 ideas or types of online businesses that you can start easily and in a short time.

Online Business and its trend are growing since the last decade. And now every business must have an online presence. 

Online Businesses have some great benefits. 

We’ll discuss the overview(Introduction) of the idea and how to start a particular business.

We hope you’ll find this article beneficial to you. 

15 types of Online Businesses to Start

1. Blogger

A Blogger is a person who writes about a specific topic according to his knowledge and interest etc.  

You have to create the engaging content that people like to read and watch.

You can write about almost any topic in the world. It depends upon you, your interests, your education and your surroundings etc.

Blogging business brings a lot of money making options for you to monetize and grow your business. 

You can start your blog on different platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wix etc.

You need to buy a domain and hosting for your blog. Some platforms provide free hosting but you have to buy a domain for the blog. You can start a blog with a low budget.

You can make money with Blogging Business using one or all of the following


  1. Google Adsense
  2. Other Advertising platforms
  3. Direct Advertisement
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Guest Posting
  6. Sponsored Articles
  7. Paid Writer
  8. Selling Services
  9. Own Products
  10. Digital Products like eBooks and Digital Courses


All of us daily watch a lot of videos. If not daily, we often watch videos on YouTube from time to time.

Nowadays people spend more time on YouTube than on TV. It is becoming one of the mainstream media.

You can start your own YouTube channel and grow your audience and turn them into customers as well.

Becoming a YouTuber is one of the best and easy ways to start your own Online Business.

Making a channel is free and you can shoot videos using your smartphones.

So, starting a YouTube Channel is the easiest and low-cost Online business that you can start.

You can make videos on any topic of your interest. There are many ideas for you to start your YouTube Channel.

You can make money by different methods on YouTube;

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling services
  4. Sell your products
  5. Digital Products
  6. Sponsored Videos

3. Virtual Assistant:

You can become a virtual or Digital Assistant and can offer your services as a freelancer or you can start your own company which offers these services.

If you can Microsoft Office, Google Search etc. you can become a Virtual Assistant.

As a Virtual Assistant, you have to manage online stores(In case, you know about eCommerce), you may have to reply to messages, you may have to manage the social media accounts or you may have to schedule the meetings for that person etc. 

There are many ways to make money online as a virtual Assistant:

  1. Offer services on Freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork etc.
  2. Get clients from Social Media such as Facebook page, Facebook groups, Instagram, LinkedIn etc
  3. Make your own Website and earn money.
  4. Make a YouTube Channel and can teach people 

4. Dropshipping

In Dropshipping, you make an online store on a niche and receive the orders and pass it to the supplier, then the supplier fulfils the orders for you and delivers the order to the customers.

You upload the pictures of the products from the supplier’s store on to your store and set price by keeping the profit for yourself and then drive the traffic to your store and when people place the order on your store then you pass it on to the supplier and the supplier fulfils the order for you and delivers the product to the customers, you receive the money from customer and pay the supplier while keep other as profit.

Dropshipping is also a great model for Online Business with a great money-making potential if done properly and smartly.

You can use Shopify to make the store and Ali Dropship for finding suppliers. These both are designed especially for dropshipping.

You can also make the store on Facebook, Instagram and other Local and International Online Stores and can also find other suppliers online by doing some research.

Dropshipping is a strong online business model that can help you to make a good career.

You can also make money from Dropshipping by following different methods:

  1. Make your store and sell the products.
  2. Provide services to manage the Dropshipping Business
  3. Teach people Dropshipping
  4. Make a YouTube Channel
  5. Make a Dropshipping Course and sell

5. Print On Demand:

In Print on Demand Business, you can design different products like Hoodies, T-shirts, Mugs and Posters etc and sell them by marketing.

You will design the products and will upload these designs on different platforms and when people will buy these products, you will get the profit.

There are different websites you can upload your designs on. 

For Example, Teespring, RedBubble, Merch by Amazon, Printful, Teechip etc.

You can use different paid and free online tools to make designs like Canva, Placeit etc.

You can do your designs marketing on Social Media, google etc.

In Print on Demand, you can also make money by different methods like:

  1. Sell Designs on Online Platforms like RedBubble, Teespring etc
  2. Sell on Shopify Print on Demand Store
  3. Create a YouTube Channel
  4. Create an Online Course
  5. Online Coaching
  6. Provide services to others

6. Digital Courses

Digital Courses, nowadays are a great source of making money and have great potential.

People want to learn new things every now and then and if you can provide quality and valuable information and education then people will be willing to pay for this.

If you have graduated or are studying a subject like English Literature, Mathematics etc then you can create courses on that specific subject.

If you know a skill like Graphic Designing etc, then you can create a course in which you’ll teach people and help them learn that skill through your knowledge and experience.

You can sell your online courses on platforms like Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare etc., can also make your own course website and sell your courses there and last but not least you can create courses for others and they will publish them with their rights.

You can make money online By creating and selling courses in many ways:

  1. YouTube Channel about creating courses
  2. Affiliate marketing for courses
  3. Sell your own courses on platforms like Udemy etc.
  4. Sell your courses on your website
  5. Online coaching about creating courses
  6. Manage and create courses for others

7. Online tutoring

Apart from online courses, you can also provide online tutoring services to people around the globe.

You can teach or tutor about different subjects like Psychology, Sciences, arts, sports etc.

There are different online platforms where you can provide these services.

Make a YouTube Channel for this purpose as well.

Offer tutoring services one on one or a whole group through Skype, Zoom etc.

Find the students from different platforms and social media etc.

By online tutoring, you can make money by:

  1. Creating a YouTube Channel
  2. Provide services on Online Platforms
  3. Find Local Students

8. Freelance Writer

If you love to write then you can become a freelance writer and you can write for Different News Channels, Blogs, Dramas, Movies etc.

As a freelance writer, you can write for anyone about any topic while as a blogger you have to write about the specific topic and niche.

Write articles for blogs, scripts for YouTubers or Video Producers, articles for Newspapers or Magazines etc.

Provide your services on different Freelancing Platforms, on your website, Social Media etc.

As a Freelance Writer, you can also make money by starting your Freelancing Business that provides writing services.

Use following methods to make money as a freelance writer:

  1. YouTube Channel teaching about writing
  2. Provide services as a Freelancer
  3. Sell Services on your own site
  4. Courses about writing

9. Influencer

A person with a large number of followers on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube etc. is known as an Influencer or Social Media Celebrity.

An influencer creates content for his/her followers that is liked and shared by them and results in increasing the following of that Influencer.

` With this, the followers start to develop their trust on that Social Media Celebrity or Influence and then that influencer can sell its own products, affiliate products and can also do paid marketing for other brands and business owners etc.

An influencer can also make money from different methods:

  1. Selling own products 
  2. Selling Affiliate Products
  3. Paid Marketing for Businesses
  4. Monetization Services provided by different Social Media Platforms like YouTube, IGTV, Facebook etc.
  5. Appearing in ads of different products

10. Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Manager, you manage Social Media Pages and Accounts of other people or Businesses.

Main duty of Social Media Managers  include Creating Content, Posting Content, Scheduling posts, Replying to messages and comments and Performance Analysis etc.

In this type of online business, You can find the clients from different Online Freelancing Markets, Facebook Groups and other  Social Media Handles.

Social Media Management includes but is not limited to Facebook account, page and group Management,  Instagram Management, Linkedin Management, Pinterest and so on.

As a  Social Media Manager, you can also earn money online and grow your business in many ways

  1. You can make your own website and sell your services
  2. Sell Services on Freelancing Markets
  3. Create Digital course
  4. Create a YouTube channel
  5. Find Clients through Digital Advertising

11. Web Designer and Developer

If you like designing or programming, then you can definitely become a web designer or developer. 

To become a web designer or developer, you either need to learn some softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator etc for designing and WordPress, Wix etc. for developing or you have to learn Programming and coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python etc.

You can find clients from different Freelancing and Social Platforms. 

You can also give the services for managing websites, designing new pages, adding new functionality or any other specific task related to web designing and development.

Web Development and Designing is one of the Highest paying Online Business/ Freelancing skills.

Like other Businesses discussed earlier you can also make a lot of money as a Web Developer and Designer. There are different methods to make money:

  1. Make a youtube Channel
  2. Sell services on Freelancing Markets
  3. Sell Services on your own Website
  4. Create Online Courses

12. eCommerce Store

Creating an eCommerce Store and selling  products online is one of the best and growing Online Business.

You can sell different Digital and Physical products in your eCommerce Store. 

You can also make your own store or sell on a third party’s store like Amazon

Amazon is by far, the largest Global Online Store and its owner Jeff Bezos 

Is the world’s richest person.

You can sell ebooks, Digital Courses, Fashion Products,

 Home Appliances, Electronics etc in an Online Store. 

You can make your own website and make your online store on it

Like own WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace etc. OR you can host your store at many other third party Online Stores Like Amazon(Globally), Daraz.pk (In Pakistan), Ebay and also many other global and local Online Stores.

You can make money online with ECommerce Store with so many methods:

  1. Sell in your own Store
  2. Use Third-party’s store to sell your products
  3. Sell your service as store manager
  4. Create Courses
  5. Create Youtube Channel 

13. Ebook Writer

You can become a writer and earn money online.

An eBook can be written in MS Word or Google Docs. 

You can sell your Ebook on different online book stores or can also create your own store or website and sell there.

Amazon Kindle is a product of Amazon where you can sell eBooks.

You can grow your following and earn fame through writing eBooks.

You can also write books for others and sell your services as  

eBook Writer.

You can make money online as eBook writer with following methods:

  1. Sell your books on Amazon Kindle
  2. Sell books on your own website
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Write Books for others
  5. Courses on How to write and sell eBooks

14. Digital Advertiser

You can also start a Business as a Digital Advertiser.

Digital Advertising is a way to attract potential and Targeted clients to buy your product, visit your website or grow your brand etc. If you know how to find and reach Targeted and potential clients then you can become a Digital Advertiser and sell your services.

Digital Advertising is a vast niche and you can chose Sub-niches and become an expert in one of them.

Sub-niches of Digital Advertising/ Marketing are Social Media Marketing, SEO, Local SEO, Search Engine Marketing etc.

You can make money as a Digital Advertiser with following methods:

  1. Sell Services on your site
  2. Sell Services on Freelancing Platforms
  3. Create and sell Courses
  4. Create a YouTube Channel

15. Travel Consultant

If you’re a traveler or have a great knowledge about Different Popular and Important Countries or cities of The World then you can become a traveller or a travel Consultant.

Gather information about different places by visiting or other sources and share it with others and charge them.

Contact the local people of those places and you can also sell your services as a guide.

You can do a partnership with Local Hotels and motels that you’ll get a certain amount of profit for every customer who’ll book a room or apartment with your reference.

Literally, there are endless ways to make money in the tourism and travelling industry. You just have to explore and try them all. And I hope they’ll be successful.

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