Everyone who wants to start the youtube channel, he/she faces problems in choosing an idea for their channel. So, here are the Top 10 Best Youtube Channel Ideas.

 Whenever someone wants to start a youtube channel, he/she doesn’t know how and where to start. It is because they may not have different ideas and suggestions for the topics on which they can start a youtube channel. So, in this article, we’re going to solve this problem and provide you with 10 Best suggestions that will help you to get started as a YouTuber.

Starting an online business is the need of time and people are using the internet more often, so this is the best time to start your youtube channel because youtube channel is also a kind of online business that provides you several ways to earn money.

We are going to provide a list of top 10 ideas for the beginners to start their Youtube Channel.

In this list of top 10 suggestions for YouTube channels, we’ll provide the idea’s overview, examples and ways to monetize.

So that you have a roadmap to follow before you start creating content on Youtube. 

1. How-to Tutorials

How-to videos are the trending videos now. You need to have good knowledge and you should be a great researcher to make these kinds of videos. 

In this idea, you can choose your niche according to your interest, knowledge and resources available.

You can teach and guide many things by making these kinds of videos on youtube. 

You can reach a vast audience including kids, men, women etc. with these kinds of videos.

For example, you can make content on “how to start a business”, “How to play Football?”, “How to raise a kid?” etc. 


1 How To

2 How To

3 How To Cook That

How to monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored videos

2. Cooking Videos:

Making cooking videos is also a great idea if you love cooking and have a      passion for it.  

What you have to do is, when you’re cooking something just pick up your phone or camera and start shooting the video. It’s as simple as that.

You can make videos on general cooking or you can choose a sub-niche like baking etc.

If you guide the audience well and your recipes are unique and new then you can build a great loyal audience.

You can make videos on “How to make your regional food?”.


1. Chef Club

2. Cook with Lubna

3. Byron Talbott

How to monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization(Google Adsense)
  2. Sell Recipes and Cookbooks
  3. Cooking Consultation Services
  4. Sponsored Cooking and Kitchen Products Reviews

3. Fitness/Health Channel:

Fitness and health are one of the most searched terms on youtube. If you’ve enough and valuable knowledge about health or fitness then you should start making videos on thee topics.

You can make a channel around general health/fitness tips or you can choose any sub-niche like yoga guides, exercise tips, diet etc. 

You can make videos on healthy diets, exercises, health tips, fitness tips, weight loss tips and the list goes on.


1.Jordan Yeoh Fitness

2.Healthcare Triage

How to Monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Live or recorded coaching
  4. Sell your product like an ebook or digital course etc.
  5. Sponsored reviews

4.  Online Teaching:

      Due to Covid-19 online teaching has become popular among masses. It is one of the best ways of teaching nowadays.

If you have the knowledge, degree or any skill then you can teach people about it.

If you know anything then you can share it with people in the form of videos on youtube.

And if you have any degree or skill then you can guide your audience by sharing your knowledge and expertise. 

For example, if you have a degree or knowledge about some subject then you can teach that subject to other people, If you know how to use a software like Photoshop, then you can teach that as well and the list goes on and on.

It’s a natural tendency in the humans that they want to share their knowledge with others and also enjoy this. So, this idea is an easy and interesting one.




How to Monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Live or recorded coaching
  4. Sell your product like an ebook or digital course etc.

5. Vlogging

  Vlogging is sharing your lifestyle with other people.

In earlier times, people used to write their life minor and major events in their diaries, but nowadays in this modern digital globe people like to share their life events, lifestyle, their region etc on camera by using social media.

You can also start a vlogging channel if you like to share what you do in your daily life.

It’s also a simple idea and you don’t need any special equipment right from the beginning to start making your videos. You just need to pick up your camera or Smartphone and start recording your life.

If you love travelling and travel a lot then you can also share the beautiful scenes of the different places you visit or you can also share the scenes and life of your own region.


1.ZaidAliT Vlogs

2.Mo Vlogs 

How to monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)
  2.  Affiliate Marketing
  3. Influencer
  4. Product Reviews

6. Gaming Channel:

Online game streaming and eSports are one the most trending and growing industries in the digital globe right now.

The biggest youtube channel right now is also a game streaming channel.

If you can play and love to play games and want to share your gaming experiences with others then you should also start a gaming youtube channel.

What you have to do is, the next time when you’re playing the game(Whatever it is), you should record it and then edit and upload on the youtube.



2. MrBeast Gaming 

How to monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Game reviews

7. Reviews/Unboxing:

Product/service reviews and unboxing are also the trending videos and helping people to earn from the product and others to learn about product/service.

If you’re using any application, any gadget, any digital device, electronic device, service(online or offline), any mobile or desktop application, or you’ve read a book or books and so on.,  then you should share your views and experience about that particular thing and can help people learn about the product.

If you buy a new phone or any device then you can also make a video of its unboxing.


Unbox Therapy 


How to monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)
  2.  Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored reviews
  4. Sell own products

8. Pet & Animals videos 

If you love pets or have pets or at least have some valuable knowledge about pets or animals then you can also make videos about pets.

You’ll be surprised to hear that people are really crazy about these pets and animals.

If you have a cat, dog or any other pets then you should make videos on their daily life, funny moments, the food they eat, how others can take care of their pets, what products they use and so on.

It is a profitable and enjoyable idea to start your youtube channel if you love to have and grow your pets.



2.Animals Doing Things – Funny & Cute Dogs and Cats

How to monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sell your own pets
  4. Sell pets food and other products
  5. Sponsored videos

9.DIY(Do it yourself)/ Lifehacks

  If you know how to make handmade crafts, then you can make videos about making crafts.

Humans are always looking for shortcuts and hacks in their life and if you can provide them with moral and valuable hacks or tricks to do something like saving money, getting a job or starting their business etc then you are going to get value in return too.

So, if you love making crafts and helping people then you make videos on this idea.




3.5-Minute Crafts 

4.123 GO! 

How to monetize:

Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)

Affiliate Marketing

Sell your crafts

Sell guide books and courses

Sponsored Videos

10. Funny Videos

If you love humour and you’re a funny person then you should make funny and humorous videos.

People love and enjoy watching funny videos and these kinds of videos get an incredible number of views and watch time.

Funny videos are of different kinds, you can make videos on funny moments, you can make videos on the parody of famous personalities(Keeping moral values in mind), you can shoot pranks on people, you can share funny events or moments of your life and the list goes on and on.




How to monetize:

  1. Youtube Monetization (Google Adsense)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Influencer
  4. Sponsored videos

We hope that with this list, you have got an idea about which kinds of videos and channels you can make on youtube. This article includes too broad ideas/niches and you choose from one the sub-niches under these ideas.

We hope that you’ll start your own youtube channel and this article has helped you in some way and wish you good luck.

Tell us which idea you like the most and you’re going make videos on it, in the comments down below.

Muhammad Aqib Javed

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