Digital Marketing | A Brief Overview

Digital Marketing Overview

Before jumping to the Definition of Digital Marketing, we’ll discuss what actually Marketing is and what are its types?

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the action or process of promoting and selling of products.

Types of Marketing:

There are two types of Marketing;

  1. Outbound Marketing 
  2. Inbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing: 

The type of Marketing in which the products or services are marketed to everyone without focusing on the interests and needs of people is known as Outbound Marketing.

Outbound Marketing is costly and not very effective.

For Example, Cold Calling/Emails, TV Advertisements, Newspaper Ads etc.

Inbound Marketing:

The type of Marketing in which the services or products are marketed in a way that customer itself finds the products or services is known as Inbound Marketing.

It is cheap, effective and beneficial.

For Example, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Webinars etc. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing definition, the process of promoting and selling the products and services using different Internet/Digital Mediums.

Digital Mediums:

Different Digital Mediums are the following:

  1. Search Engines
  2. Emails
  3. Social Media 
  4. Different Websites etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

As the use of the internet is increasing, So, in the same way, the lifestyle of people is also changing. As the way of Shopping is also changing. People have started shopping online in a very large number. So, if anyone or any business can attract the attention of the potential customers and clients then it can grow easily. And this the main focus of Digital Marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing are following;

  1. In Digital Marketing, we can reach to potential clients using many platforms in an effective way.
  2. We can utilize Emails, Social Media, videos and websites to attract customers and promote our products or services.
  3. Different tools can be used like analytics to measure the success of our marketing campaigns and Return on investment(ROI).
  4. Refined campaigns can be run on the basis of analysis.
  5. We can exactly target the customers and clients that are looking for services/products like ours. We can also target on the basis of interests.
  6. Digital Marketing is very much cheaper than traditional marketing
  7. Conversion rate is much higher in Digital Marketing.
  8. By using different tools, we can automate the process of marketing.
  9. We can reach to the global audience using digital marketing.
  10. We can get more loyal customers with Digital Marketing.
  11. If our content is great and valuable then we can get more exposure as people will share it with their family and friends that will increase the brand and Business awareness.

Sub-types of Digital Marketing:

  1. Social Media Marketing 
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Digital Advertisements
  6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. App Marketing
  10. Banner Advertisement
  11. Sponsored Videos or posts etc.

1.Social Media Marketing:

The process of selling products or services using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. is known as Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Social Media:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. Quora
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Messenger
  8. WhatsApp

In Social Media Marketing, We use two types of marketing which are Free and Paid Marketing.

In Free Marketing, we spend time instead of money to attract clients.

Whale in Paid Marketing, we spend money to run ads and attract the customers within less time.

We design and run ads by using good copywriting and try to attract more clients to buy our product or services.

2. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the best Digital Marketing Strategy in which you send emails to your potential clients to convince them to buy your products or services.

In Email Marketing, We collect the emails and build a list of cold and warm contacts and then send them updates, new offers, discounts and alerts about our brand, products and services.

Email Marketing is a basic component of Digital Marketing. We can collect emails from Social Media, Websites and from third parties and then build our list and send them updates and can convert them into our loyal customers.

With Email Marketing, we can;

  1. Communicate with our audience regularly.
  2. Build new clients and retain existing ones.
  3. Promote our offers and discounts.
  4. Increase Brand Awareness.

3. Content Marketing:

  Creating content is the backbone of Digital Marketing. In any field of Digital Marketing, content creation is a must.

  Content Creation is important to inform, persuade, entertain and attract your customers or audience to buy your product or service.

  Formats of Content include Text, Pictures, Videos, Infographics, ebooks, podcasts etc.

  This content can be marketed using any Digital medium.

4. Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is one of the most effective components of Digital Marketing because People are more attracted to videos than any other type of content.

In video marketing, we create videos to attract more customers, retain existing and increase brand awareness and then promote that video on different Digital platforms like Social Media, YouTube, Different websites etc.

We can market our videos on YouTube by using Google Ads, on other websites by using Google Ads, Directly on other websites with high traffic and last but not the least on other Social Media platforms.

5.Digital Advertisements:

It consists of all kinds of Advertisements that are done through a Digital Medium.

Examples of Digital Advertisements are following;

  1. Search Engine Ads
  2. Banner Ads on different sites
  3. Video Advertisements
  4. Social Media Ads
  5. Native Ads

It works on two types of strategies most of the times, i.e, 



6.Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Search Engine Marketing is the type of Digital Marketing, in which we use Search Engines to display our ads on different queries or Keywords.

Whenever we search on any Search Engine for example, on Google, top two to three results show a little ad mark underneath their titles.

These ads and the process of showing these ads is called Search Engine Marketing.

It’s an effective way of marketing because we can exactly reach to those people who are searching for our products or services if all the work is done in the right manner.

Search Engine Marketing works on Birds system. Such as, different brands and businesses bid on the same keyword or query but only those with good or high bid score will win and their ads will be shown on the Search Engines.

It also works on two kinds of principles, CPM(Cost-per-thousand-Impressions) and CPC(Cost-per-Click).

7.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of promoting your services or products on search engines without using ads s known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engines:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. MSN

In SEO, we use different strategies to rank, Blogs, Online Stores, Websites and Other Content, higher on the search engines. 

Types of SEO:

  1. General SEO(used for websites)
  2. Local SEO(Used for local businesses)
  3. Voice SEO(Ranking on the base of voice search)
  4. Play Store SEO(Based on Playstore Search)
  5. YouTube SEO(Youtube Search) etc.

Major Components of SEO:

Keywords Research

Keywords research s the most important and basic component of SEO. 

We must have to do research on which keywords we want our content to rank on the search engines. There are different parameters that needed to be kept in mind while doing Keywords Research.  

For Example, Keywords should be relevant to our content, must have an average search volume neither too high nor too low and must have less competition.

We use different online software and sites to conduct our Keywords Research.

Some Tools or Softwares are free and some are paid.

For Example,


Keywords Planner

Trends (Google/ Twitter)




After doing the keywords research, we’ll use these keywords on our website pages in the right way and that is done in the ON-page SEO.

On-page SEO

In On-page SEO, we use different SEO strategies on the web-pages

To boost our rankings.

In On-page Seo, we use the researched and relevant keywords in our content with a preferred density of 2 TO 3 %. 

We also use images with keywords as their alt texts. 

We also use links within our site relevant to the targeted keywords and also from outside. This process is called Link Building and it gives signals to Search Engines that this content is relevant to these queries and then Search Engine rank our content higher in the search results.

We should also make updated and thick content that is relevant to the targeted keywords. Create engaging content to keep the visitors on your site for a longer time.

Use images with fewer bytes to optimize the page speed. 

Off-page SEO

The process or strategy of SEO that is done out of the original content is called Off-page SEO.

In Off-Page SEO, we build backlinks to our site on the other high authority websites on the relevant keywords.

We can use websites and Social Media to build the backlinks to our site.

Social Signaling and traffic coming from other websites indicates that our content is relevant and useful for the user and in the results, Search Engines boost our ranking and rank our content higher in the search results.

We need to make a complete strategy before doing SEO. So, we have a roadmap to follow and implement all the methods and strategies in an effective way.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is done to promote the local businesses to show the businesses in google search n the maps widget.

In this way, local businesses can attract local clients and can grow their businesses. It’s the most effective way to promote Local Businesses.

8. Affiliate Marketing:

A type of marketing in which we promote other people’s products or services using our audience and hence, receive a commission on every successful conversion is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing can be done on different platforms like, 

Our own website

Social Media


Email Marketing etc.

There are so many companies that provide the option to become their affiliate. Some of them are following;

Amazon Associates


Fiverr Affiliates

Udemy Affiliates

Daraz Affiliates

CJ(Click Junction)

BlueHost Affiliate and so on.

We can promote these affiliate products or services by different methods like, 


Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing


Video Marketing

Sponsored Reviews etc.

9. App Marketing:

As we all use different apps on pc and mobile phones so we can also market different products and services on apps and app stores.

Three main types of marketing that can be done using apps or app stores are following;

In-App Marketing,

Which means we’ll pay the app owners to display our ads in their games/apps or we’ll pay third parties like Google to display our ads on their partner apps.

App Store Optimization,

Optimizing the different apps without using ads so that they can appear in higher ranks in search of App stores.

App Store Marketing,

Paying App stores to show our ads or apps higher in the search results on their app store.

Google and Apple Stores are the most commonly used App stores.

10. Banner/Display Advertisements:

The ads which we show as banners on different websites on the internet are called Banner Ads. 

There are two ways to promote products or services through a banner advertisement on different websites;

  1. Direct Advertisement
  2. Advertising Through Third Parties

In Direct Advertisement,

we directly contact to website’s management or owner and ask them to show our ads on their website and hence they do that for a certain period of time in a certain amount of money.

In Advertising through third parties,

We use third-party services to display our ads on their different partner’s websites. For Example, Google, Bing, info link, etc. We pay them to show our ads and the rest is handled by themselves.

11. Sponsored Blog posts and videos:

It’s also an effective way of promoting our services or products making use of someone else’s audience. 

The type of marketing in which we write a post or make a video and ask someone else (Who already have a large number of Audience), to promote or post it on their Social Media, Website or YouTube Channel so we can get more exposure to the potential audience.

In this type of Digital Marketing, we contact Social Media Influencers, websites’ owners and other Content Creators who already have a lot of audience within our niche and ask them to promote our brand or business on their different or one handle and hence that results in an increase of our loyal audience base.

You can offer your services as a Digital Marketer by Freelancing or creating your own Marketing Agency. It is one of the best online business ideas.

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