What is social media marketing?|10 Famous Social Platforms

What is Social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

The process or activity of promoting and selling of products or services using Social Media like Facebook, is called Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is the sub-type of Digital Marketing.

Social Media includes;

Some major and most common Social Media are following,

1. Facebook




5. YouTube





10. Tiktok

11. Twitter

Choosing Social Media Platform for marketing your brand or business depends upon following factors;

1. Niche of your Business

2. Type of Traffic platform is getting

For example, if you want to market your business that sells products related to girls then you should chose Instagram or Snapchat because girls mostly use these both platforms more often.

So, in this way, you’ll be having a great chance to exposure to potential clients and you can increase your sales and brand awareness.

While, if you want to do B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing, then you should choose LinkedIn. Because on LinkedIn, actual businesses have their presence and it’s most probable that you’ll get exposure to the right kind of businesses you wanted to target and get maximum results.

1. Facebook Marketing;

Facebook is the world’s largest Social Media platform with over

2 Billion Active users.

On Facebook, to run a business or brand we need a Business Page.

Through that page l, we can advertise, grow organic audience, engage with our audience and post images or videos related to our business and many more.

To create an ad on Facebook, there are two methods.

1. You can create an ad after posting the video or image with great copywriting text and emojis in the post and clicking on the boost post button.

2. The second method is, you can create an ad with detailed targeting and selection of mission and audience.

Important things to keep in mind before posting an ad on Facebook;

1. Use an attractive and beautiful video or image in the ad.

2. Use less text in the image it must be 30% and visual graphics should be 70% or more.

3. Use good copywriting, if possible or have a budget hire a copywriter to get the job done for you.

4. Before creating the ad, research the right potential audience.

5. Select the right interests, locations and audience while targeting.

6. Select the right budget for ad neither too high nor too low and audience location in mind before setting the budget.

7. If you’re targeting premium countries like USA, UK and Canada etc. Then you need a high budget and vice versa.

Organic Growth tips:

Use the following strategies or methods to grow organically on Facebook.

1. Facebook prefers Videos over text and any other form of content.

2. Use images if you can not make or source videos.

3. Use hashtags related to your business or brand.

4. Post your content regularly and consistently.

Important tips:

Some important tips for Facebook Marketing are;

1. Try to have some posts on your page before posting an ad. So, if someone comes to your page then you should be having enough information about your business or brand on your page to convince someone to become your customer and buy your products or services.

2. Post videos regularly to reach more audience.

3. Create offers and discounts to attract more customers.

2. Instagram Marketing;

Instagram marketing is just the same as Facebook but on Instagram, there are some points that should be kept in min.

Use hashtags because hashtags are the most powerful tool for Instagram growth.

You should choose relevantly, researched and targeted hashtags to reach to potential clients and audiences.

To run ads on Instagram, you need to convert your personal account to the Business Account.

And you can do that by connecting your business Facebook page to your Instagram page/ account.

You should also research, “Is Instagram the right choice for the niche of your business or brand”.

Analyse the audience type that uses Instagram using different tools or googles search and then decide, whether you want to do advertising on Instagram or not.

3. Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing is also suitable for some businesses.

You have to research if it’s suitable for you or not.

On Twitter, you can also use hashtags to reach to more potential audience organically.

If you catch the trend early and use relevant and trending hashtags in your tweets, you can reach to a lot of audience on twitter.

Similar to Instagram, you need to convert to the business account if you want to run ads on twitter.

4. WhatsApp Business;

WhatsApp Business can be used to grow your business and engage with your customers.

We can create different groups related to different categories or products and ask people to join them.

You can send them discounts and offers there and many more.

5. Messenger Marketing

While using messenger, you must’ve noticed some ads showing in the messenger.

You can create ads on Facebook and turn on the option of showing ads in the messenger.

In this way, you can reach to the audience that most often uses the messenger.

You can also use messenger to engage with your audience by sending messages and reply to their messages.

6. YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is a vast niche but we’ll be discussing it shortly here.

You can do SEO to market your videos organically and reach to the audience that is searching for the content you created.

Content matters a lot on YouTube. Your content must be engaging, valuable, likeable and shareable to get loyal and long-lasting clients.

This is the best way to market your business because you can demonstrate your business properly using YouTube.

We often see a lot of ads on YouTube. Some are Skipp-able, some are static, some are banners, some are short videos of 5 to 20 seconds and so on.

We can create these kinds of ads for YouTube using Google ads platform.

Same rules of marketing apply here that,

1.Your content should be attractive.

2.You must have used good graphics.

3.Should make some attractive and good offers to attract clients.

4.Must use good copywriting.That was just a brief overview of YouTube Marketing.

7. Tiktok Marketing

If we use TikTok in a good and effective manner then it’s a great marketing medium.

Short videos are more likely to be viewed many times.

So, we can reach to a lot of people by making short videos on TikTok.

Many businesses are using it to their benefits and getting a lot of benefits.

There many chances of free marketing on TikTok.

If you’ve great content then people will start sharing it to their friends and family.

In this way, your business will be marketed for free to many people.

There’s a large number of user base on TikTok and you can actually reach to them but you must have attractive, shareable and well-scripted content.

You can also create ads to reach more people on TikTok by keeping all the discussed common rules of marketing on social media in mind.

8.Pinterest marketing

Pinterest marketing is the best way of marketing for some of the business niches out there.

On Pinterest, you can create pins and boards to showcase your business and brand.

We can reach to a lot of audiences organically using Pinterest.

Upgrade your Pinterest account to the business account, if you want to use it for your business.

If you have an ECommerce store with different products related to men and women.

Create pins and get a lot of audiences.

We can also get a lot of traffic to your blog using Pinterest and you can use Pinterest for many other niches.

Must research if it’s suitable for your business or not.

Ads can also be run on Pinterest using basic marketing principles to target potential clients to increase sales and brand awareness of your business or brand.

9.Quora marketing;

Quora is a question and answer platform. Some People post questions and others answer these questions if they know about it.

You can use this platform for your business by finding a question related to your business, brand or blog and then answering those questions in detail and then provide a link to your business/ website.

In this way, they’ll click the link and you’ll get potential customers or visitors.

This is a time taking process but very effective and useful social media marketing method. You need to work smart and hard to get results from Quora Marketing.

10. LinkedIn marketing;

LinkedIn is a great platform for creating B2B(Business-to-Business) connections.

It is also the best platform to find and create jobs.

On linkedIn, you can connect with the like-minded persons.

On LinkedIn, You can market your business to Businesses and other persons by creating ads.

We can also post articles, images and Videos on the LinkedIn news feed.You can also create ads on LinkedIn and target potential clients.

Again you’ve to research if LinkedIn is suitable for your business or not.

We’ve discussed some of the social media platforms.

But you can also use other platforms like Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr etc for marketing your business on Social Media.

Social Media Marketing is one of the best Online Businesses to start. So, if you’re interested then learn it and start earning money.

If you think, this piece of information is helpful for you then share it with others. Share your views about Social Media Marketing in the comments.

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