Instagram for Marketing | 18 Tips to Grow on Instagram

Instagram for Marketing

Do you wanna use Instagram for marketing your business?

Want to grow the audience on Instagram? 

Want to use Instagram for increasing brand awareness and growing the business?

Instagram is a sub-category of Social Media Marketing.

And Who don’t want to use Instagram for Marketing?


Everyone wants to know the tips on How to Grow on Instagram?

So, today we’re going to learn that “How in reality, we can use Instagram for Marketing our business?”.

We’re gonna discuss not 5 and not 10 and not even 15 but 18, 18 Tips for marketing on Instagram.

We’re gonna discuss some common and tried and tested methods to grow an Instagram Business account and get loyal customers/followers.

18 Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow your Business

1. Attractive Profile Picture related to your business

2. Great Bio by using Good copywriting

3. Competitor’s analysis

4. Find Popular and relevant Hashtags

5. Influencer Marketing

6. Post Consistently

7. Engage with the Audience

8. Engage with relevant posts on other accounts in your niche

9. Give Call to action to your audience in your posts

10. Collaborate with other influencers

11. Use Instagram stories regularly

12. Post videos often

13. Run ads (by the way, they’re very helpful)

14. Post teasers of your upcoming product/service/events etc.

15. Run Instagram contests

16. Find/Create a Branded Hashtag

17. Use analytics and improve your account in the right way

18. Also use hashtags in comments

1. Attractive Profile Picture related to your business

If you’re creating a personal brand then use a good looking, attractive and visible picture of yourself.

While, if you’re creating a general brand then use a logo (a well-designed logo) for your business.

Your profile picture should be attractive because it’s the first thing every user will see.


“First Impression is the Last Impression”.

 So, choose it wisely.

2. Great Bio by using Good copywriting

Write an attractive Bio of your Instagram account. Because after arriving on your wall, the user is going to look at your bio and will interact with your page on the basis of that.

 If you’re providing the value and grabbing the user’s attention. Then there’s a great possibility that your user is going to interact with your page.

i.e, Follow your account, like your photos and commenting on the posts and he/she may send you a message. 

3. Competitor’s analysis

Find your competitors on Instagram and analyse.

what they’re doing?

How are they posting?

What they’re posting?

How are people engaging with their account?

What are the most popular posts among their users?

After finding the answer to all these above-discussed answers.

Create a plan, strategy and content calendar for your account and then start creating content.

This will help you grow faster and get loyal customers.

4. Find Relevant and Popular hashtags:

Find the hashtags for your account that are popular and relevant to your niche.

Now the question here is,

How to find the hashtags?

You can use Instagram search section and type #(your_ business_ niche) 

For example, #FOOD

and you’ll start getting suggestions. Note them in your notepad.

Then niche it down and use #(Your_Sub_Niche)

For Example, #ItalianFood

Now, again watch out the suggestions and note down the most popular and relative hashtag into your notepad.

Keep repeating the process and Find out Around 35-50 hashtags. Save them in your device and use them accordingly while creating or scheduling your posts.

You can also use online tools for creating hashtags. But the manual way of finding hashtags is more effective.

5. Influencer Marketing:

Find the influencer(people with a great number of following) inside your niche on Instagram and ask them to give a shoutout to you.

In this way, you can get great exposure to potential customers and increase your brand awareness.

What actually you have to do is that you need to go to the search box of Instagram and type in the relevant hashtag and find the people with the high following and contact them and ask them to give you a shoutout.

6. Be Consistent:

Create consistent and engaging content that will attract the more number of people and help to grow your Instagram account.

Consistency is the key to success in life.

Be Consistent in posting, engaging and all other activities on your account. You should post at least 2 to 3 times a week. And if you can post once every day, then it is a good practice.

7. Engage with the Audience

Engage with your audience as soon as possible. Which means, try to respond as quickly as possible whenever you get some message or comments. In this way, the customer’s trust will start to build. 

Reply to their messages, comments and also help them to solve their problems. Use nice words and polite language and try to make them comfortable and satisfied.

In Other Words, 

“Give value to your Customers”.

8. Engage with relevant posts in your niche 

You should find other accounts within your niche and engage with their content.

You should like and comment on their posts. Because

According to Neil Patel;

“I thought it would be enough just to like other people’s pictures in order for them to follow me and like my photos. As it turned out, I got way more interaction when I commented on other users’ photos then when I merely liked them.”

Which means when you will comment on other people’s content then they and many others will also notice you and they may visit your profile and if your content is good enough to attract them then they may follow you or convert into your customers.

9. Often use Hashtags in the Comments

Use relevant hashtags also when commenting on your own posts or someone else’s post.

By this, you’ll get more exposure when people will search for the particular hashtag and there’s a great chance that they may become your follower or engage with the content on your profile.

10. Include “Call to action” in your posts

Include Call to Action to your viewers on your posts. Give them a direction to Whatever you want from them. And also ask them to like the post and follow the account.

For Example, if you want them to visit your site/store or any other place then just direct them to that by including ‘Call to action’ i.e, Check the link in bio, Send a message if you’re interested in buying this product/service etc.

And you must ask them to like and comment on your posts and follow your account in an appropriate manner that doesn’t look spammy or forceful.

11. Run ads (by the way, they’re very helpful):

Run Instagram ad campaigns to reach out to more people and increase sales and brand awareness of your business.

By using detailed targeting through Facebook ads manager, you can achieve your business goals.

If you’ve some investment, then you should definitely go for Advertising on Instagram. But make sure that Instagram is suitable for your Business.

For this, you can do it yourself or hire a Social Media Marketer online who’ll do the task for you.

Some tips for running ads:

If you want to run ads yourself then I have some tips that may help you to achieve the best results.

  1. Research thoroughly and find the targeted audience before running the ads.
  2. Use great attractive graphics(Photos/Videos) for your ads 
  3. Use good copywriting to attract the audience and increase the productivity of the campaign.

12. Collaborate with other influencers

Collaboration with other Influencers can also be very helpful. Find people in your niche with the same amount of following as yours and collaborate with them.

This way, you’ll get exposure to their audience and vice versa. Ask them to share your content and you do the same for them and many other things that you can do by collaborating with others.

13. Use Stories regularly

As we know IInstagram has a feature that you can upload your story i.e, photo or short video which remain live for about 24 hours.

Use your instagram stories to show the highlights of events that are happening iin the present.

For  Example, If you’re running a business then show highlights of activities that are happening in your business.

This will help you to build brand loyalty, trust and your followers will share the content and that’ll also increase your business or brand’s awareness. 

14. Post videos often

Along with posting photos also post videos  often that will help you to reach more audiences through IGTV.

So, this can also help to increase brand awareness and sales for your Business.

So, use the videos that are useful for the users, should contain great graphics, good voice/sound etc.

15. Post Teasers

Post teasers of your upcoming product/ service/ events or anything else about your business that creates curiosity for new people coming to your profile and existing followers.

16. Run Contests

Also, use the feature of running contests on Instagram. It is very helpful to increase the engagement on your account and help you to reach more people when existing followers will share your content with others.

17. Branded Hashtag

Find or Create a Branded Hashtag for your Business/brand that will help people to recognize your brand.

For Example, like  #Sharacoke for Coca Cola

18. Use Analytics

Use the analytics feature to analyze the activity and performance of your account and improve your account in the right way. 

I hope this information was helpful to you.  if yes then share your opinion about it in the comment section and also share it with others.

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